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Nancy E. Krull is a painter and sculptor. And a computer programmer. And a tshirt designer. And a jewelry maker. And cute as hell.

Nancy started sculpting and painting at six. That's "years of age", not "o'clock". Her first work, "Finger Swirls in Washable Tempera", is a fine example of the East Meadow Kindergarten school of contemporary art, and proudly hangs in her parents Florida condo.

Like most artists she has no idea where the source of her creativity resides, though she assumes it's somewhere between the top of her head and her knees. All she knows is that the unique design of each creation comes to her all at once, and is finalized after a time spent playing with various possibilities.

She is an expert bricoleuese, highly trained in the art of using various patterns in various orientations.

Her art has sold well throughout the Northeast, and she is now making her work available globally.

She longs to have a non-obvious nickname, like maybe "Spike" or "Rusty". She wishes she were taller.


  • She likes milk flavored with strawberries.
  • She never kills spiders.
  • She has a brown thumb - every plant she has ever owned has died.
  • She never got over her love of 1980s New Wave music.

Bio made possible thanks to Patrick Di Justo, Writer