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Knellen Designs - ID Badge Holders/Eyeglass Chains

Everyone could use a beautifully handcrafted eyeglass chain to hold their reading glasses or sunglasses when not in use. Just think, don't worry about leaving your reading glasses/sunglasses somewhere because you took them off and forgot them; now you can just wear them around your neck!

These chains are also great for holding your ID badge at work. Be the first one at your office to have one!

The hanging ring opens, so you can hang almost anything on this chain.

Some sample eyeglass chain/ID badge holders are shown below:

Purple/Teal/Yellow Multi Eyeglass Chain 20"
Red Multi Eyeglass Chain Tan Multi Eyeglass Chain
Teal/Tan Multi Eyeglass Chain Teal/Yellow Multi Eyeglass Chain
Purple/Green Multi Eyeglass Chain Brown/Red/Blue Multi Eyeglass Chain
Brown/Green Multi Eyeglass Chain